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Gary Rockis

Teacher / Story Teller

Gary J. Rockis is the author of four technical education books that showcase his prowess as an industry-linked educator. He has dedicated his 40-year career to helping student and apprentices develop career and technical skills and knowledge.

Over the years, Gary has authored a number of articles for technical education magazines. He also served as the editor of Training Today magazine. Gary’s stellar contributions to the field have been recognized with the Association of Career and Technical Education’s National Award of Merit.

Awhile back, Gary had dinner with Bill Ney, “The Science Guy”, after Bill’s presentation to grade school students in the Braden Auditorium at Illinois State University.  During dinner, they talked about how Bill taught science and how Gary taught technology. They both agreed that using simple applications of science and technology was the key to learning. Based on those principles, hundreds of teachers have used Gary’s books to train thousands of students throughout the United States in the fundamentals of technology. This year, Gary is focusing his efforts on Smart Home Technology.

Gary has been writing about the use of technology in homes since 1976. His belief is that smart devices make your life better and that only you can choose the devices that work best for your home environment, needs, and lifestyle. His latest book, “Your Smart Home Voyage”, takes you through a virtual home, room by room, with the idea of making your home safer, more energy efficient, comfortable, convenient, and more fun!

On your voyage, you will learn about applications and choices available for various rooms in your home, how smart devices operate, and how they can improve your lifestyle. A checklist at the end of each discussion will help you track your choices and document the devices that you like. These checklists will be useful as you plan your smart home. A planning guide at the end of the book will help you confidently determine features, costs, and installation options for your smart home lifestyle.

Your tour awaits you!

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