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Workforce Development Series

The Workforce Development Series was designed as a fundamentals skills building course.  In addition to the Textbook, the series is backed up with instructor resources to teach the class.  As you read the learn more section, all these available resources are listed.  Textbooks may also be available in an ebook format.


Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems

By Gary J. Rockis, Glen A. Mazur | ©  2014 Fifth Edition, hardcover, 769 pgs., 884 illus.

Electrical Motor Controls for Integrated Systems is the industry-leading textbook covering electrical, motor, and mechanical devices and their use in automated systems and industrial control circuits. Topics are organized into sections for modular instruction and can easily be used in seminars and in online educational settings. This edition includes motor control and integrated systems technology for instruction of advanced manufacturing skills. 


Residential Wiring and Smart Home Technology

By Gary J. Rockis | © 2019 Fourth Edition, softcover, 616 pgs., 550 illus.

Residential Wiring and Smart Home Technology focuses on the principles, installation, and operation of wired and wireless residential electrical and electronic systems. This edition provides expanded material on utility power generation and distribution, electrical safety, and NEC® guidelines. New topics include smart home infrastructure, security and fire alarm systems, and energy management applications supported by the smart grid. 


Solid State Devices and Systems

By Gary J. Rockis | ©  2012 Fourth Edition, hardcover, 518 pgs., 600 illus.

Solid State Devices and Systems presents a comprehensive overview of solid state devices and circuits. This textbook is designed for electricians and students who have a basic understanding of electronics. Component and circuit construction, operation, and installation are supported by detailed illustrations. Practical applications are included.

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